Teachers, this post is for you. I am featuring a “passive-income” opportunity. As we prepare to return to the grind, now is a good time to get paid for your lessons and activities.

Who is this service available to:
Any educator, including home school,  in the world is looking to make some extra money on their lessons, activities, and hard goods (books, posters, etc). You have to be 18 and older to participate.

Payment Information:
Paypal  is the default payment method. The other payment option is through Dwolla (For U.S. only). Seller’s get paid once a month around the 21st of the following month. Example: July’s sales would be paid around August 21st. The fees you will incur include paying for advertising (if you choose to advertise with the Member Sponsored promotions) and a two percent Paypal fee.

Membership Levels:

Royalty Information (How much you will get per sale):

How to get started:
1. Sign up with your personal email account
2. Set your payment option
3. Upload your first product.
4. Promote your store on your social networks

Quick Facts:

      • Your first product must be free! This is so that you can get traffic to your store, and it also grows the TPT free product offerings to keep buyers coming back.
      • You can charge for multiple licenses for each product you upload.
      • If you have products that you would like to add a Creative Commons Copyright, you can do so by completing a form.
      • Refer your other colleagues and earn 5% from their sales for the next two years.

Try Teachers Pay Teachers this year and see how much money you can make off of your activities!