Make Quick Money With Micro Jobs

Top 10 Websites To Complete Micro Jobs For Quick Cash

If you are looking to make an extra $10 a day online, then you should start by completing micro jobs. Micro jobs are small tasks that can be completed quickly. Employers or individuals can create tasks that need to be completed, and upon their satisfaction, you will be paid. Tasks can vary from writing, data entry, surveys, social media activities, keyword searches, and more. The sites listed below are strictly micro jobs sites and does not include any gig sites. The difference between micro job and gigs is that you already have tasks available that you can choose to complete at your leisure. With a gig, you have to come up with what product or service you want to offer to people and get customers to purchase (i.e. your own mini-business). Note: All of the sites below are free to join.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk-This is probably the largest and most popular micro job site. There are over 200,000 opportunities available on a daily basis. You have to get your account approved by Amazon before you can begin. I believe this took a couple of days before my own account was activated. Once you are approved, begin completing cheap and quick tasks. For more tips on how to be successful with mturk, click here.

  2. CrowdFlower-Chances are if you have used SwagbucksCashcrateGiftHulk, or a PTC website, you have completed a micro task with CrowdFlower. If you have completed tasks with any site using CrowdFlower and have not created an account, then you are missing out on qualifying for higher paying tasks. CrowdFlower has 4 different task levels: Level 0-completed under 100 tasks
    Level 1-have completed over a hundred Test Questions across a variety of Job types, and have a very high overall Accuracy
    Level 2-Contributors in Level 2 have completed over a hundred Test Questions across a large set of Job types, and have an extremely high overall Accuracy
    Level 3-Contributors in Level 3 have completed over a hundred Test Questions across hundreds of different Job types, and have a near perfect overall Accuracy

  3. TaskRabbit-TaskRabbit is different in that you complete tasks in your city for people looking for help. TaskRabbit is only available in 19 cities so far, and to become a “rabbit” you have to go through an identity and background check as well as an interview. Tasks range from cleaning to personal assistance.

  4. *ClickWorker-A community of over 500,000 workers from around the world. Qualify for work by completing assessment tests. Tasks include Text Creation, Editing, Web Research, Data Tagging, and Data Categorization. The tasks you will see available to you are determined by your profile and qualifications, so make sure that you fill out this information. Payments are distributed on a weekly basis, and you can withdraw via Paypal or a SEPA account.

  5. *ClickChores-Focuses on digital advertising tasks. Tasks include Search & Click, Social Media tasks, Social Bookmarking, Link Posting, Writing Articles, Comment Posting, Filling Out Surveys, and Voting. Get paid via Paypal or Payza.

  6. Microworkers-Tasks are similar to ClickChoresOne difference is that you must provide your full name and mailing address. They will send your a Postal PIN number to your home address to verify your account. You will not be able to withdraw money until you have enter your PIN into the system.  Minimum payout is $9, and can be paid via PayPal or Skrill. Payments are processed within 30 days of a withdrawal request, however, once your postal PIN has been verified, payments are sent out twice a week.

  7. OnlineMicroJobsTasks similar to ClickChores. Over 100 micro jobs currently available. They have a sign up bonus of $1, and pay for $1 referrals.

  8. Eliteworkers-Tasks again similar to ClickChores. You receive a $1 sign up bonus, and they also have a referral program. You earn $.25 per referral sign up. You can withdraw earnings once you reach $25, and you must have a success rate of at least 85%.

  9. QuickMicroJobs-Tasks similar to ClickChores. Minimum payout is $5 via PayPal, Bitcoinand Litecoin.

  10. ShortTask-Has over 2,000 tasks available. Most of the tasks on this site focus on website sign-ups, surveys, and  eBook downloads.

As you can see, if you join multiple micro job websites, you can easily make at least $10 a day. Most of these sites screen all jobs that come through for legitimacy and non-scam. However, never complete a task that asks you to use a credit card, provide bank account details, sign-up for website that requires payments or fees, exchange money between payment systems, disclose personal information.

*Indicates referral links