It costs to own a car, and it can drive us all crazy. Gas, repairs, tires, insurance, etc. So why not put those miles back in to your bank account? Whether you’re acting as a taxi cab or delivering items, you can earn it all back and MORE – simply by driving your car in your spare time!

If you’re looking to make money driving by dropping people off at their desired destination, then being an Uber or Lyft driver-partner is for you. You can set your own schedule and stop whenever you feel like it! The major requirements are similar for each service (differences are in bold).

Uber is a ride-sharing service that uses an app to connect riders to drivers. Riders choose where they want to go from the smartphone app, and nearby drivers have the chance to accept the trip. Drivers are paid weekly through direct deposit, and allowed to set their own schedule.

The more you drive, the more you can make! **For even quicker payment, Uber has a system called Instant Pay. Instant Pay allows you to transfer your current earnings to a debit card account, anytime.**
You can earn more cash if you drive during a SURGE. This means you pick up people where this a very high demand. You’ll know it’s a surge because the area will be shaded in red on the app. The deeper the shade of red, the higher the demand is. More info on how you get paid can be found here: Uber Payment

How to apply to drive with Uber:

  1. Read over the Uber driving-partnering requirements.
  2. Complete the online application: Uber Sign-Up
  3. Have your car inspected at an Uber Greenlight station or by a third-party.
  4. Wait for background check approval. (Usually takes 48 hours to a week).

Uber Driving-Partnering Requirements

  • Own a smartphone.
  • Minimum 21 years old.
  • Be on the insurance for the car used.
  • Pass a background check.
  • A minimum of one year of driving experience. (3 years if you’re under 23 years old).
  • Pass a car inspection from Uber.
  • A clean driving record (No DWI’s, reckless driving incidents, fatal accidents, no criminal record, and no incidents of driving without insurance or a license.)
  • Available in most major cities: Uber Cities

You can also earn big money with Uber by joining their delivery service “UberEATS”. It’s a standalone feature inside the Uber app that allows customers to order food from their favorite restaurants. A big difference between Uber and UberEATS is that it allows drivers to make deliveries with a bike, scooter OR car! So people without cars should definitely consider this option. You can set your own work schedule, so its very flexible. UberEATS pays weekly via PayPal or direct deposit.

When you sign up for UberEATS, you must complete four training modules. These modules may vary from city to city.

UberEATS Requirements

  • be at least 19 years old in the USA and 21 in Canada.
  • have 1 or more years of driving experience.
  • be able to lift at least 30 pounds
  • a valid state driver’s license, car insurance, and vehicle.
  • Available in most major cities nationwide: UberEATS Cities

Lyft is a ride-sharing service much like Uber, that connects drivers with passengers through the smartphone. The pay rate varies with Lyft. The passengers you pick up each week, the more you’re likely to make. You receive a percentage of the rider fees, plus any tips. Lyft pats you weekly through direct deposit.

How to apply for Lyft: 

  1. Read over the Lyft driving requirements.
  2. Complete the online application: Lyft Sign-Up
  3. Wait for background check approval. (Usually takes 48 hours to a week)
  4. Meet with a Lyft driving mentor (an experienced Lyft driver). The mentor will inspect your car from the brakes to the seat belts, and answer any questions you have. This is required and the last step before you hit the road!

Lyft Driving Requirements

  • A 4-door vehicle
  • A valid license, and the willingness to consent to a DMV screening.
  • Minimum 21 years old.  
  • Be on the insurance for the car used.
  • Pass a background check.
  • One year of driving experience.
  • A clean driving record for seven years (No DWI’s, reckless driving incidents, fatal accidents, no criminal record, and no incidents of driving without insurance or a license.)
  • Available in most major cities: Lyft Cities

10 Quick Ways to Make Money Driving

There’s also ways to make money driving by delivering items to someone’s doorstep! Take a look at these programs and their requirements to see if you can hit the road and start cashing in!

  • Amazon Flex
    This is by far one of the more popular ways to earn extra side money. It pays pretty well and is not that hard to do. You’re basically playing the role of a FedEx driver – but in your own car.
    -Have to be at least 21 years old to participate.
    -Available in Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Houston – and other major markets that you can find on the Flex website.
    -Pays $18-$25 dollars an hour (guaranteed pay rate is $18, and extra money is tips from customers)
    -Sign up for an Amazon account
    -Go to the Flex website Amazon Flex and submit your info.
    -You’ll receive a webinar link that teaches you how the program works and how to use the “Flex” app.
    -Submit your background info that includes your driver’s license number and car details. Make sure you have a CLEAN driving record.
  • Instacart
    Instacart’s slogan is “It’s the best way to shop for groceries”. With this service, you’ll be a personal shopper. Local residents use the app to order groceries from local stores. You can be one of several options with this service: A shopper, driver, or both! A shopper gathers the orders in the grocery store, while a driver takes the orders to the customers.
    – Have to be 21 years old to apply.
    -Pays up to $15-$20 an hour.
    – You can work up to 29 hours a week as a shopper only or UNLIMITED hours as a driver.
    -As a driver you work as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR; as a shopper you work as a PART-TIME EMPLOYEE.
    – Have to be 21 years old to apply.
    -You can more details and sign up at
  • Postmates 
    The “ON-DEMAND” delivery service! With Postmates, you can choose your own hours to deliver variety of items to people. This serrvice is geared toward urbanites looking for a side gig.
    -Have to be at least 18 years old.
    -Have to own a car, bike, scooter or motorcycle.
    -Can earn up to $25 an hour (Average is $19/hr – according to CEO Bastian Lehmann)
    -Located in major cities such as Dallas, Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, etc. (look on for more)
    – Have to attend an orientation
    -Go to   to sign up.
    -Must pass a background check, complete online on-boarding session, download the app, receive a welcome kit, and then begin accepting deliveries!
  • Favor (Texas only)
    You’ll be delivering almost anything with Favor. This service is aimed at college students looking for some extra change on the weekends. You can be part or full-time and they do work around your schedule.
    -Must be 18 years old.
    -All scheduled hours have minimum guaranteed earnings. You’ll receive 100% of your tips.
    -Most runners make between $10-$18 an hour
    -Available in Dallas, Arlington, Houston, San Antonio, and other Texas cities.
    -Must have a clean driving record and reliable transportation.
    – Go to to apply.
  • Deliv
    With Deliv, you’ll deliver from malls and retailers (including clothing, flowers, and gift baskets with alcohol) Earnings are based on “time on task” and delivery miles. You submit the hours you want each week and you also get paid weekly.
    -Must be at least 18 years old.
    -Must have a car.
    -Available in Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and other major cities.
    -Click here to sign up: Deliv App
    -Pass a DMV & background check.
    -Complete their online certification.
    -Submit your availability and start delivering!
  • Caviar
    With Caviar, you’ll be providing food delivery to homes & offices. You choose your own hours, and get payed for each successful delivery via a “task-based fee”. The money is deposited into your bank account each week.
    -Must be at least 18 years old.
    -Must have a car, truck, bike, scooter, or motorcycle.
    -Must have 2 years of driving experience.
    -Currently available in Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and other major cities.
    -After you apply at, a Caviar rep will contact you for an interview and in-person session. You also may have to submit a background check.
  • DoorDash
    DoorDash is a food delivery service that will have you delivering to customers from restaurants. You get payed per per delivery and receive 100% of the tips! Payment is weekly and through direct deposit.
    -Must be at least 18 years old.
    -Drivers must have a clean driving record for at least the last 7 years.
    -Must pass a criminal background check.
    – Must have a car, motorcycle, scooter, or bike (in some markets). When you sign up you’ll see which markets allow which types of transportation.
    – Available in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, and other major U.S. and Canada markets.
    – Sign up at
  • GrubHub
    Grubhub allows customers to order through the app and you deliver the food to them. You don’t have to order or pay at the restaurant because it is prepaid. You schedule your own hours, and there are hourly minimum rates based on your hours. You will receive an email from GrubHub that contains the driver pay rate for your city.
    -Must be at least 19 years old.
    -Have a driver’s license & insurance. (Bikers must have a state ID)
    -Available in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and other major U.S. markets.
    -You schedule your own hours.
    -You get paid through direct deposit.
    -Must pass a background check.
    -Apply at
  • Shipt
    Shipt is an on-demand grocery delivery service. Customers order their groceries through the app and you deliver the goods to them. You set your pwn schedule and can make up to $25/hr. Payment is every Friday via direct deposit. You’ll be offered orders, each with an estimated pay based on how long it takes to complete the order.
    -Must be at least 18 years old.
    – Must have a car (15 years old or newer)
    -Must have a smartphone
    -Must have a driver’s license and insurance.
    -Must have a insulated cooler bag.
    -Ability to lift 25+ pounds.
    -Knowledge of produce selection.
    -Available in Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Houston, Memphis, Charlotte, and other U.S. cities.
    -Apply here:
    -Sign up here:
  • Roadie
    Roadie is based on neighbors helping neighbors. You’ll set the route you’re currently on. A customer offers a driver a “gig” or a chance to pick up a package based on your route. If you choose, you can send back an offer to pick up and deliver the package. You can set up to be alerted when gigs are offered in your area with a push alert through the Roadie app. More info on how this all works can be seen here: Roadie Support
    -Must be at least 18 years old.
    -Must maintain a minimum 4-star rating in the Roadie network, based on customer feedback.
    -Must have a driver’s license and insurance.
    -Payment is based on mileage and size. Most gigs pay between $8 and $50, and up to $650 for long distance gigs. You can earn even more by delivering pets!
    -Payment is through direct deposit.
    -Complete the online onboarding process (online application, pass background check and complete an online tutorial).
    -Sign up at

As you can see, there’s plenty of options to help you make money driving and delivering a convenient side hustle. You basically need a car, smartphone, driver’s license, car insurance to get started! Hopefully this article will help put you on the path to making big bucks on the road!



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