In my continued effort to help people find ways to create multiple streams of income, I have come across a legitimate offer that will allow you to get paid $20 just for referring people to get a free prepaid debit card.

Here is how it works (U.S. only):

      1. You invite your friends and family to get a netSpend debit card using your referral code.
      2. The card takes about 5-7 days to arrive
      3. Go to a location that has the netSpend reload cards (i.e. CVS) and load $40 to that card. Follow the instructions on the back of the card.

        Vanilla Reload

      4. Your $20 will be loaded instantly.

You may ask yourself why you’d need a prepaid debit card. I thought the same thing, but here are some reasons that you can use  it for.

      • This account itself, can be an additional income stream if you refer enough people. *By just referring 1 person, you will have doubled your money in the account.
      • This allows you to have another debit card to use (i.e. vacation use, online spending account, linked to your Paypal), and allows you to keep money separate from your  main account.
      • This particular card has added benefits such as the ability to create a virtual account. If you card is lost or stolen, or if you need an extra layer of protection when shopping, you can use your account without having your card.
      • The card has payback rewards. The more you use it for purchases, the more you use the card the more offers you receive, and the more cash back you’ll earn!
      • If you choose to upgrade to the “Premier” status, you will gain access to a savings account with 5% APY and life benefits