Discover the following ways that teens can make money online.

Being an educator at an inner city school and teaching a career preparation course allows me the opportunity to educate students on the different options of making money. This school year I really wanted to focus on showing my students the places to make money online and starting businesses online. Below are the following ways I have so far that teens (13 and up) can legitimately make extra money online. Pretty much all of the payment methods will require that you have a PayPal account.

For Music Lovers

  1. Music Xray-Sign up for free to become a fan. *You must have a Facebook account to use as a fan. Answer some questions about the type of music you like and start receiving music to listen to in your inbox. Get paid up to $0.10 for each song you listen to. The minimum payout amount to PayPal is $20. 

  2. Slice the Pie-Upon signing up, there will be some questions asking about the type of music you like. Songs will then be displayed for you to choose from. Write a review (between 4-5 sentences) and receive payment. Most reviews pay $0.09, and you can redeem to your PayPal once you have earn $10. Earn more money by referring your friends to try the service! My students, of course, do not like to write! However, we were able to talk through a quick writing template for each review so that their time was maximized. 
    Sentence 1: Did you like the song?
    Sentence 2: Why or why not?
    Sentence 3: What stood out in the song (beat, melody, vocals, etc)?
    Sentence 4: What did the song make you want to do (i.e. workout, dance,sleep, etc)?
    Sentence 5: Would you recommend the song and why or why not?

Note: There is now a place in Slice the Pie that you can do Fashion reviews as well.

Ways For Teens To Make Money Online With Get Paid To Sites/Ads

3. Perk TV-Combination website and mobile phone app. Available on iPhone,iPod touch, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and some Kindle devices. I’m not going to go into extreme detail with this (that’s another blog post), but I will say that you should easily make $5 a month in passive income. I joined on July 21, 2014, and I currently average between 700-1000 points a day on the videos alone. If you are thinking about joining Swagbucks, check to see if it is available through Perk first and earn a quick 10,000 points! Every 1000 points is equivalent to $1, except for the PayPal redemption. The Perk TV app is available to users in the countries of US, UK, CA, IN, and AU.  Earn points taking trivia quizzes with Perk Pop Quiz. Here is a trick to earning points in Perk Pop Quiz. Go to your settings and turn on “Lightning Mode” and you will earn double points. Even if you miss all the questions, you will still earn 2 points per quiz. 

Sign up for Swagbucks using Perk TV

Below are my totals for using the Perk TV app from when I joined in July 2014 to the end of the year:

4. Swagbucks/5. Cashcrate/6. ClixSense-I’m grouping these together because they all use the same premise. Earn points or money by viewing ads or videos, completing surveys, tasks, or offers. Note: To join ClixSense, you have to be at least 16. 

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Here are some Cashcrate tips to help you get started making money after you have signed up!

7. Qmee-Earn money for viewing ads while performing searches in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, or Ebay. If an ad interests you, click on it and get paid the amount indicated. It’s that easy to earn a few cents up to a dollar!

Ways For Teens To Make Money Doing Gaming and Website Testing

8. Userlytics-Become a website tester. You will need a webcam as this will be used to record your reactions. Make sure that if you are testing, sit in front of a blank wall so that there is no identifiable information about you. Tasks include speaking your thoughts outloud about the website, video, or prototype. Note: Not all tasks require the use of a webcam. Payment per test is $10 (PayPal), sometimes more depending on the test and will take between 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Most tests need to be completed within 2-3 hours.

9. Game Testers-Sign up to become a game tester. No gaming experience is needed, and there are games for all platforms available. There are only a certain number of slots available to sign up and become a tester on a daily basis, so the best time to check would be in the morning. If you qualify for a study, there will be several options to receive payment. *As of 1/7/2016, I am no longer recommending this due to feedback from users. This will be replaced with another opportunity soon!

Blogging/Social Media Options For  Teens To Make Money

10. Bubblews (parental consent needed)-Get paid for your thoughts, opinions, experiences through social media. Receive compensation from advertisement revenue-share based on the number of likes, comments, and views your post receives. You can redeem to your PayPal once your account has reached $50. This site reminds me of Tumblr with the built in network of users and tags that you can search for and follow.

11. MyLikes (parental consent needed)-Create a social website that you own and share content you like on Twitter, Pinterest,, Facebook, Tumblr, and any other social media site that you have. You will be shown an estimate of how much you can make based on your gallery. Payment options include PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and wire transfers. For PayPal and Amazon, you will need at least $20 for redemption. Payment is made weekly if you have a lifetime PayPal balance of less than $10,000 and have earned at least $20 that week. If you have made more than $10,000; you will be on a monthly payment schedule. Wire transfers need to have at least $50.

Online Surveys Opportunities For Teens To Make Money Online (There are more survey opportunities than the ones I listed.)

12. Global Test Market-Earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and cash. Each survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

13. Survey Savvy-Earn money for surveys. Cash out with as little as $1 earned. Invite your friends to earn more money!

Online Tutoring

14. Enroll-Become a peer to peer tutor if you are at least 15 years old. If you like helping people and are good in a subject or multiple subjects, consider starting your tutoring business. You can only tutor those 18 and younger. The first two tutoring sessions you do will be free so that you can gain momentum and credibility. Sign up with Facebook, Google +, or your email account.


15. Fiverr-Start your business utilizing your passion! Create a gig or multiple gigs doing what you love to do. Could be a good avenue for those looking to display artistic, musical, modeling, and acting abilities as there are many small businesses looking for advertising. Check it out, as it costs you nothing to post a gig.

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