What is Checkout 51?

A shopping app that allows you to earn cash back on grocery purchases.  This app is available to users in the United States and Canada, and is for people ages 18 and up.

How does it work?

  1. The Basics: Checkout 51 allows users to go to any store and purchase offers that are available within in the app. Offers are available from Thursday (12 am) to Wednesday (11:59 pm) each week. Offers are available in limited quantities, so make sure that you check the app before making your purchases to see if the item is still available. Pay attention to the quantities that you are required to purchase in order to receive cash back.
  2. How much cash back can I receive: Cash back from items can range from $0.25 to over $3.00 per item. Once you have earned $20 cash back in your account, you can begin withdrawing the money. The money will be sent you via check, so make sure that your address is current in the app. Hopefully, this will change in the future.

Getting Started:

  1. Sign up with your Facebook account or email address. Next, download the app, and you will come to a sign up screen. Sign in with your newly created account.
    Checkout51 signup
  2. To begin finding offers in your area, allow the app to access your location. The current offers will populate on the main screen. When you first download the app, you will receive a special “Get Started” bonus of $2.
    Checkout51 offers
  3. Once you find an offer you want to buy, go to any store and purchase the items. You will scan your receipt after the items have been purchased. Note: Since you don’t have to scan the barcode on the items that you purchased, it is VERY important that the receipt you upload is clear!
    Checkout51 receipt procedure
  4. To view your account information, click on the person icon. You will be able to review any pending receipts, account balance, total earned, and your location. This is also where you will withdraw your money when you are ready to cash out.
    Checkout51 settings

Quick Tips and Facts:

  • Company is headquartered in Toronto, ON and began in 2012
  • In the beginning, the app was only available in Canada. As of this year, the app is also available in the United States.
  • You can use coupons or receive discounts on the items unless otherwise noted.
  • You can also shop at online retailers for the items, you will have to submit your packaging slip as proof of purchase.
  • Keep your account active by redeeming offers. Any offers not redeemed in a 24 month period (2 years), will be deemed inactive. At this point, you can be charged a $2 a month inactive fee.

Platforms: Available in AppStore and Play Store

P.S. Pair this app up with Ibotta, and you can double your money back per shopping trip!