As I continue to find solutions for people wanting to make extra money on their own time, I am fascinated by all of the “Fiverr” like sites that are out. That makes me think that this is one of the newer ways to make money from home, while becoming an entrepreneur. Micro jobs allow you to dictate the terms of what you will do for a disclosed price. Typically, you will complete a task for under $10, but once you get established, your earnings start adding up. The site I will be featuring today is called Gigbucks.

Who is this service available to:
ANYONE in the world is looking to make some extra money (no specific age requirements, if you are under 18, you will need a Paypal student account so that you can get paid!)

Payment Options:
Paypal account (Paypal Student account if you are under 18)

Alertpay (now Payza)

Receive credit to your Gigbucks account balance

How to get started:
1. Sign up with your email account or use your Facebook account (Free registration)
2. Create a quality gig (The goal is to deliver good work so that you can receive positive reviews)
3. Set your payment option
4. Promote your gigs on your social networks

Quick Facts:

      • Gigs are offered at a fixed price from $5 to $50
      • Once you are finished with a gig, you cannot repost it. If you repost a duplicate gig or similar gig it will be deleted.
      • When you are first starting out, you can only post $5 gigs. Once you start to advance in levels, you can post gigs of higher values.
      • Allow 3 days for you to receive your cash into your designated account.
      • Sellers get paid 80% of the value of their successfully completed gig.

Take your time and think about something that you are good at. Once you know what you want to offer to the world, get started!