What is it? An app you can earn gift cards to major retailers by referring friends and  for walking into your favorite stores. You can collect your kicks™ rewards at millions of stores in America, and great deals at many of the top national retailers.

How does it work?

  1. The first way you can earn kicks™ is by getting the instant surprises.  This can be done anywhere when you have time. Look through the available lookbooks.  When you find an item that has a blue star, click on it and get your instant surprise! *Note: You will not get as many kicks™ as you would going to the actual store.
  2. The second way to earn kicks is to go into a supported store and scan the item(s) on the list  in the store.

I’ve been using shopkick since August 2012, and my all-time kicks have totaled over 10,000 (with most coming from the instant surprises that I do daily).  I have provided 2 meals, given away 5 rewards to friends, and redeemed 3 giftcards. Hopefully, this helps you get started!

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Platforms: Available in AppStore and Google Play