The Secret To Saving $1378 In Just 52 Weeks

Happy New Year! I did the 52 week money challenge last three years and used the money for Christmas spending. This year, I will probably do the reverse challenge (calendar #2), so that I save the bulk of the money upfront.

Where to put your money for the 52 week money challenge?

Consider opening a savings account from Capital One 360 online that has no-fees or no minimum account balance needed. You will earn 1% interest on your savings. There is an option for those that don’t want to think about saving. Digit, will automatically save money for you by looking your spending habits and bills. Digit will then start saving small amounts of money for you. Within three months, Digit had found an extra $300 to save for me. Try it with your account today!

Get the printable worksheet for the 2018 52 week money challenge to track your progress!

2018 Reverse 52 Week Money Challenge Worksheet

52 week Savings challenge

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