It’s the beginning of 2018, which means the beginning of a new semester of high school or college. It also means a new beginning of the hassle of studying while trying to save money to have some fun. Saving money fast can be hard while dealing with the stresses of school, parents and extracurricular activities. Thankfully, there are easy investment options to help you save money and invest as you spend money and earn checks from your job.

Easy Investment Options for Kids, Teens, and Adults


If the whole connecting your credit/debit card to an account isn’t your thing, Stockpile is your answer. Stockpile allows you to invest money easily by letting you purchase a variety of stock for any amount you want over $5 and letting it build. Sound easy enough? It is! Stockpile offers a wide variety of options when it comes to investing. Are you into video games? Stockpile has stock for lots of games. How about cars? Stockpile has stock available from prominent brands ranging from American Airlines to Honda. Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it is good, but it’s definitely true. You can start buying stock, at any age, from Stockpile on their website, Or, you can download stockpile on the App store from iOS or Google Play for Android. Tip: Search for “Stockpile” on Groupon to see if they have a special on their gift cards.


Clink is another personalized investment app similar to the other apps listed. The only difference with Clink is that there is no fee for use. For high school and college kids, this could be a dream come true. Not only are you able to prepare for your future with investments. You have an opportunity to do it for free. There is also no minimum age for those who want to start investing, making it available for tweens to get a taste of personal finance before the real world hits them in the face. Clink is currently available for download on iOS through Itunes and will soon be available for Android devices via Google Play.

Easy Investment Options for College Students and Adults


Students often have trouble remembering to save their money, which makes Acorns the perfect way for students to save money fast. After downloading Acorns and connecting your credit and debit cards (however many you want) to the app, Acorns takes a part of every purchase you make each day and sends it into your Acorns account. For instance, if you spend $5.75 on lunch, Acorns will round the 75 cent amount up to $1 and put that dollar into your Acorns account. Acorns invests the money in your account to investment portfolios. Based on the settings you set for your portfolios, you can invest your money the way you want. Acorns allows you to save money fast as you live everyday life. Found money is a new feature that allows companies to invest a certain percentage of a purchase into your account. Acorns has a fee of $1 for each month of use for account balances less than $5000 and free if you are a college student and use your school email account. If you are doing well in life and your account is over $5000, Acorns charges a 0.25% fee. Acorns is compatible with IOS and Android users, so anyone with a smartphone can download the app. Minimum age to invest: 18 U.S. and Australian residents. If you want to save money fast without having to put forth a lot of effort, start investing with Acorns by signing up on To get started with a free $5, use this link.


Saving money fast with Stash works a bit like Acorns, except it’s more personalized. As you sign up on, you are asked questions pertaining to your interests. When you finish the mini survey, you are presented with suggestions of investments for you, depending on your interests. If you are intimidated by the idea of investing, don’t worry. Stash allows you to start off small with investments as little as $5 for the portfolio you choose. Investing in the things that interest you in small amounts makes Stash an even easier way for you to save money fast. Stash also has a monthly charge of $1 for accounts under $5000 and a 0.25% charge for accounts over $5000. Some new features with Stash includes the ability to open a Roth or regular IRA for as little as $15. You also have the ability use Stash to save money automatically for you. Stash is compatible with iOS and Android as well, so both sides of the Android/Apple debate are winners on this topic. Minimum age to invest: 18 U.S. residents only


Finhabits is perhaps the most basic app for saving money fast through investing. Finhabits helps you build an investment portfolio that fits your reasons for investing. If your goal for investing is to buy a car, for example, Finhabits personalizes your investment plan to make that goal become a reality. After connecting your bank account with your Finhabits account, Finhabits makes automatic deposits in your investment account. The fee for investing with Finhabits is $1 per month for accounts under $2,500. For accounts with amounts over $2,500, there is a 0.5% charge. To start saving money with Finhabits, go to and sign up.

Begin 2018 with a plan to save money fast with these easy investment options. Whether you’re in high school, college, or getting out in the real world, it is never too early to think about investing and saving money.