There are two terms associated with money (income) streams:  residual income and passive income.  Residual Income is recurring income that produces money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week usually in specific amounts and at regular intervals.  Passive Income is income received on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it.  Most passive income ideas require some initial work or investment.  In order to be effective, there must be a level of consistency in order for them to payoff or to see a return on investment.

Last year, I experimented and determined the easiest ways to make extra money from the comfort of my home by using applications (app). My methods do include my referral link (indicated with an *) but there is something in it for you as well if you choose to use it!  Those featured below require a small initial effort.

Passive Income Ideas

Passive Income Idea #1

A new app was released in March of 2014 that allows individuals to make passive income while they are asleep.  More apps are being developed and added for further money-making ideas.  I began using the following app in July 2014 and so far it has been great! ****As of January 30,2015; I am not recommending this app until they change back to their old point system for videos.

*Perk TV (Receive 50 points)
Non-referral link: Perk TV
Ages: 13 and older
Countries Available: US, UK, CA, IN, and AU
How it works: Watch videos, complete surveys, tasks, and more for points or tokens. Focus on the the videos! You earn 4 points for each video watched. Every 1000 points=$1. You are allowed to have 5 devices per person per account. If you have multiple people in your household that use the app(s), you must provide identification when it is time to redeem points. There are other apps available such as Perk Live TV, Perk Scratch and Win, Perk Screen, Perk Pop Quiz that allow more point accumulation. However, those apps require action. Perk TV runs videos continuously, with an “Are you watching” message that occurs every 2 hours (sometimes longer). With the exception of tapping on the message and restarting when it stops, the app runs automatically. So if you have any old devices laying around that can connect to WiFi, you can finally put it to good use! Below is my usage from October 2014 until the end of the year so that you can get a good idea of points earned by using this app on a daily basis.

Initial Investment: $0
Minimum Payout: 5000 points (Equivalent to $5). PayPal exchange is 15,000 points for $10; 35,000 points for $25 <-this is the better exchange rate for PayPal.
Payment Method(s): Cash (Paypal), Gift cards to multiple places, or charity
Platform: Android (4.0 and up), iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle (some devices)
Tips: Beginner’s Guide

Passive Income Ideas


Using Referrals for Passive Income

The following passive income ideas uses referrals to earn extra money. I have chosen two referral programs that offer extra income and practicality of use.

Passive Income Idea #2

Earn $20 over and over again!  If done properly, you will earn $20 by this time next week absolutely free!
Initial Investment: $40

Here is how it works (U.S. only/18 years and older):
International option: Payoneer ($25 for you and referral)

  1. *Sign up to receive a Netspend prepaid debit card. Non-referral link (<–will not receive the initial $20 bonus)
  2. The card takes about 5-7 days to arrive.
  3. When you get your card, activate it online, then go to a location that has the netSpend Vanilla reload cards (i.e. CVS) and load $40 to that card. Follow the instructions on the back of the card.

    Vanilla Reload

  4. Step 4: You will have your $20 added to your card by the time you have left the store.
  5. Step 5: Log into your netSpend account, go to Features, “Refer A Friend”, get your referral link and share it with your friends, family, and on *RefAround.

If you have doubts about using a prepaid debit card, here are some of the benefits:

    • Additional income stream if enough people are referred – by just referring 1 person, your money will double.
    • Alternative debit card – can be use for vacations, online spending, linked to Paypal, secret stash, etc. and keeps money separate from main account(s).
    • Ability to create a virtual account – if a card is lost, stolen, or if an extra layer of protection is needed for shopping, this account can be used without the card.
    • Payback rewards – the more the card is used for purchases, the more more offers received and the more cash back earned!
    • Upgrading to “Premier” status allows access to a savings account with 5% APY and lifetime benefits.


Passive Income Idea #3

Ibotta is typically known as a great shopping app. However, this past year, I made the bulk of my earnings from referrals as explained below:

Non-referral link: Ibotta NRL

Age: 13 and older
Countries Available: US
How it works: Find and select rebates on offers from groceries, movies, clothing, pet supplies, restaurants, and more! Shop at one of their partner stores, and redeem offers by scanning your receipt. Read the full article
Initial Investment: $0
Minimum Payout: $10

Payment Method(s): PayPal, Venmo, or Gift Cards
Platform: Android and iPhone
Passive Income: Yes, by referring friends and family. Earn $5 for each referral that signs up and redeems an offer.

How to get referrals outside of friends and family


Referrals can be obtained through social media accounts.  Talk about the benefits of each app and use the referral matchmaking program. Here’s how it works:

  • *Sign up (Non-referral Link)
  • Type your referral program name in the search box to see if it is available (Netspend, Ibotta, etc.).
  • To the right of the screen, you will see a link that says “Post Your Referral Ad”.
  • Get your referral link and again write about the benefits of the product.  It is free to post your ads and you only need to renew them about every 3 months. The ads seen by potential referrals are distributed on a ranking system.
  • Be sure to visit and log into the site to accumulate points.
  • Below are stats about the traffic that site receives so that you can see the potential:
    Ibotta currently has 40 referrers and 13,458 visits. Of those visits, I have received 483 and 61 people have chosen me. Of those 61 people, 23 followed through and redeemed their first offer (22 x $5=$110 passive income). Netspend currently has 15 referrers and 12,223 visits. Of those visits, I have received 240 and 13 have chosen me. Of those 13 people, 6 followed through and loaded their card with $40 to receive their $20 bonus (6 x $20=$120 passive income).

Passive Income Ideas

Referrals can also be obtained through a task-based program where individuals sign up using your link.  However, this method is NOT free.  Below are some examples where individuals can sign up and the specific terms on how they can get paid:
Reddit’s Sign Up For Pay subreddit

Hopefully, you have enough ways to get started making passive income for this year. Happy Earnings!

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